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Dependability & Quality


The Kelly Durascreed is a low dollar ticket item that makes it affordable to small contractors and convenient for large contractors to have numerous ones on different jobs.


Kelly Durascreeds are not restricted to flat work. They also do V-shaped waterways, gutters and irregular shapes.


The Kelly Durascreed is asked for by name by contractors who have used it for over fifty years. Dependability has made it a leader in the industry. It's simple, reliable, and it works.


The Kelly Durascreed uses two 2X6's (depending on span) for strike-offs making it easy to cut them off if adjacent ground is higher than work or if a building or other objects restrict you to an exact span. This means you are not limited to 5' or 10' sections and can fit the job.



Performance Guaranteed! The K-1000

The new Kelly K-1000 Durascreed is manufactured by Kelly Screedmatic, the oldest and most widely recognized name in Vibratory Concrete Screeds. We know concrete Screeds because we invented them. We build em tough, tougher than any other. Know that your Kelly Durascreed has withstood the test of time. The same exact quality and high standards that made us a great name in the 1940s is still here today.

The Versatility of the Kelly Durascreed:

  • Levels, Compacts and Vibrates concrete in one operation saving time and money while creating the perfect finish
  • Spans 20 feet
  • Dependable Honda GX160 Engines
  • Works on high or low slump concrete
  • Works on slabs or shapes
  • Uses wood or aluminum strike-offs

DMSD Light Weight Screed


This portable screed is quick and easy operation for "Wet" screeding as well as conventional. With metal blades available from 4' to 16' , one operator can handle a wide variety of jobs.

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